Combating Those January Blues in a New Way

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Personally speaking, it’s nothing new.

It rears its ugly head every 12 months: the holiday hangover, if you will. So, what is there to do to combat those January blues?

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Look, by no means am I a professional expert on the subject, nor do I pretend to be, but there are always ways to curb your low moods during the winter months — not just January.

My wife and I got married this past Saturday, and it was an amazing day. We didn’t care that it was dark and rainy the whole day. This was OUR day and while we had a very small ceremony, those who were there to celebrate our big day made an impact on what kind of day it was for us. Due to freezing rain and dangerous roads, however, my parents as well as my brother and his fiancee, weren’t able to make it. That was disappointing, of course, but it was okay. After all, thanks to modern technology, we were able to record the ceremony, so they could watch from home. Additionally, they’ll be up to celebrate when the roads are safe enough to drive on. Nonetheless, though, it was an amazing day!

Photo by Foto Pettine on Unsplash

Then, the next day came, and it was a different feeling, a Jekyll-to-Hyde mood, if you will.

Especially being fairly new to Toronto, my wife loves to research new places in the city whether it’d be restaurants, museums, what have you. She found a new breakfast place to try and while the food was great, it was very claustrophobic. This may have been what got my day off to an inauspicious start.

We then went to Costco (another bad place to be on a weekend if you’re feeling particularly claustrophobic) and then grocery shopping. The latter had far less people to deal with but the dark, gloomy weather had taken its toll.

Photo by Fernando @dearferdo on Unsplash

Sluggishly pushing the shopping cart and staring blankly in the distance, I was having a particularly difficult time focusing on my wife’s future meal ideas — great ones that would help us lose weight, mind you. Nevertheless, I was feeling miserable and the timing was horrible considering we had officially tied the knot 24 hours earlier.

While my wife wholeheartedly understands my depression and, as a result, knows not to take it personally, these moods don’t stop me from feeling worse about myself. Nonetheless, she’s been there to console me, to listen, and that’s a significant reason why I’m feeling better this winter.

Mentally and emotionally, I have had some awful days this month — no doubt about that — but having someone to talk to and listen to when my work days comes to an end helps more than I can even describe. At the same time, for someone who has become accustomed to coming home to an empty condo — and I don’t say that to garner sympathy or, worse, pity — this is an adjustment. It’s a good adjustment, though.

Photo by David East on Unsplash

To combat those January blues, I’m determined to get more exercise, to eat healthier and to be as busy and productive as I can. This time, though, it’ll be a bit easier and a bit more fun, too, because I’m not doing this with just anyone: I’m doing this with the woman I love.

Heck, last Friday, our old, beat-up washer flooded, causing damage to some of the condo. Fortunately, we made the right steps to combat this.

What initially appeared as an issue so dire that we needed to stay in a hotel or, worse, move out for a few days, we took care of almost immediately.

Our building’s water restoration team happened to be in the building (lucky us!) and put down industrial fans to dry everything. It worked like a charm, although we did have to speak louder to each other for a good 48 hours.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Sweet nothings were, for a brief time, loud everythings.

Overall, while I’ve already dealt with some miserable feelings this month, it was better to deal with this time than it has been in years past. Of course, while I feel my experience of dealing with the January blues has been progressively better with each passing year, I feel it’s become significantly better this time around with my wife by my side.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger may be a popular cliche but there is a good reason for that: because it’s accurate.

We’re now halfway through January. As for the remainder of the month, I say bring it on.

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