When you see the title, it may be most appreciated by Seinfeld fans, and for good reason. This writer takes pride in being a Seinfeld fan, so why not name his new website, “The Big Salad”?

But the name runs deeper than a Seinfeld reference.

Have you ever had a big salad? Even if you haven’t, what do you imagine you’d get in a said salad? Whatever your answer is, chances are very good that you’ll get some ingredients you love while you’re given those you aren’t so crazy about. You may love tomatoes — which may or not be the size of volleyballs — but you may detest cucumbers. You may be used to lettuce but maybe you’d like to try the spinach or some kale. Transparent Italian dressing or thick French dressing? Maybe both? Okay, perhaps not simultaneously, but depending on the day or you’re mood, you may be open to try different dressings.

Additionally, The Big Salad is a metaphor of our minds. Like the popular Seinfeld episode of the same name, it is the catalyst for anxiety, divisiveness and even a lack of self-assurance.

We could go on and on but the point is straight-forward: Life is like a big salad which can offer so much, whether it’s good, bad or anything and everything in between.

I have been a sportswriter since 2009 and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed it thoroughly. In the same breath, though, I can also admit that I have had my challenging moments, times where I, for one reason or another, wanted to slow down or even quit.

I have always been confident in my skills as a writer but I have always picked up lessons along the way to further improve my skills and even to manage my own shortcomings.

In addition to depression and anxiety, I have had a stutter since childhood. This has been an issue which has impacted my life in different ways. As a sportswriter, though, it has caused some setbacks but, at the same time, given me the opportunity to adapt to new methods when it comes to interviewing or verbally communicating in general.

When it comes to my shortcomings — assuming it’s even fair to call them that — I have plenty of stories to tell. So, I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy telling them. But the stories won’t be just mine, so keep that in mind.

So, without further ado, let us all dive into The Big Salad.

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