My New Book: Royal Reflections

This was a fairly long time coming.

While this is my second book, some of the interviews included in this project go back a few years. Nevertheless, “Royal Reflections: Tales from the Throne of Tinseltown” centers around the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and is a collection of interviews from over 60 former players and a few more off-ice members of the club. The foreword of the book, as well as 20-plus Kings stories, I have the honor of admitting, have been contributed by the team’s legendary broadcaster, Mr. Bob Miller.

Overall, this was a very exciting project and I’m even more excited for when the book becomes officially released.

Initially, I was hoping to have my book published on June 11 of this year — the 10-year anniversary of the Kings’ first Stanley Cup win — but I felt that would be too rushed. Instead, I wanted to give myself a few more months to edit and format, re-edit and re-format, et cetera, and release it on October 1. October, after all, marks the start of a new hockey season — prompting the popularity of the phrase “Is it October yet?” among hockey fans. It’s also yours truly’s birthday month, which is really just an added bonus. Nevertheless, the time is fast approaching and while I am excited, I’m apprehensive to see just what types of reactions my new book will receive.

Of course, there’s no sense worrying about what I can’t control. For what I can control, however, I’ve done my part and then some. I even dedicated the book to my brother, Adam, who has consistently encouraged me to write this type of book. Heck, he also encouraged me to write my first book, “All the Right Words: My Journey as a Sportswriter Who Stutters.”

It’s an exciting time. There’s no question about it. I’m just eager for the next few weeks for the official release to occur.

Can you blame me?

I mean, blame me if you must. That’s your prerogative. Nevertheless, what a time it is!

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