One Year Later: My Maiden Book

It's been ages since I've written here but as the old adage goes, better late than never. So, why not get back into the habit of peppering my blog with a ton of thoughts and memories? There, after all, are plenty of them since I've last written. First thing's first: 2021 marked a significant personal... Continue Reading →

Hindsight is, Indeed, 2020

If no other calendar year taught us about perspective, that is what made 2020 so unique. So many things could be said about 2020: some positive, some negative and some just flat-out confusing. Whatever the case may be, though, this past year has reminded us -- us lucid people, at least -- to be thankful... Continue Reading →

Sportswriting During Self-Isolation

I’m sure I can speak for fans everywhere when I say that I miss hockey. While my team may not have had much of a chance to make the playoffs this season, it has certainly been enjoyable watching the club rebuild with exciting youth in their system. Whether in the NHL or in the minor-leagues... Continue Reading →

Making the Most of This Pandemic

The last couple of months have certainly been challenging. It’s been difficult turning on the TV or opening Google or Facebook without seeing unpleasant updates about COVID-19’s impact on us. With that being said, this pandemic has given us an opportunity to adapt and better yet, appreciate what we normally take for granted. I’d be... Continue Reading →

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