Hindsight is, Indeed, 2020

If no other calendar year taught us about perspective, that is what made 2020 so unique.

So many things could be said about 2020: some positive, some negative and some just flat-out confusing. Whatever the case may be, though, this past year has reminded us — us lucid people, at least — to be thankful for what, and who, we have.

In January of this year, I married my best friend. That’s definitely something good that came out of 2020. In the hybrid category of “Personal and Professional”, I spoke at two conferences on my journey as a sportswriter who stutters. This included my first speech for the Australian Speak Easy Association. I also interviewed quite a few people whom I never thought I’d have the chance to interview, even developing professional relationships with some.

During the lockdown, my wife and I got a lot of exercise by taking walks in neighbourhoods and parks we had never ventured before. In the neighbourhoods, we pointed out different houses and what we liked and didn’t like as far as exterior design went. I’m partial to red doors and stone facades, for instance. We also lost a fair bit of weight being on Weight Watchers and trying new foods and recipes. We did gain a bit of weight back in recent months due to my birthday, immediately followed by our (Canadian) Thanksgiving and the recent holidays. We will get back on track in the new year, though!

Looking back on 2020, it is easy to dwell on the negative — and it is hard to blame those who do. After all, we were thankful enough not to lose any family or close friends to COVID-19. Not everyone was as fortunate and to them, our hearts go out to them.

It’s also easy to look at the anti-maskers and the conspiracy theorists and become angry and even disillusioned at how selfish and irresponsible our fellow men and women can be. Still, it makes me more worthwhile to focus on the positive — something which has been hard to do on more days than I care to admit.

Here’s hoping 2021 will be a better year for all of us but also hoping that we take the lessons from 2020 and make ourselves better. We couldn’t attend any conferences, go to any sporting events or physically be with family because of this pandemic. But, with the news of the COVID-19 vaccines rolling out, we are confident that better days are ahead.

Whether it’s the Hockey Hall of Fame, the big island in Hawaii, STAPLES Center, Big Ben, LAX, heck, our beloved board room cafe, we will see you again.

Hindsight is, indeed, 2020 and for those of us who are still with us, the adage “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” could not be more prophetic than it is entering this new year. So, let us stop and be thankful for what he have. Then, let’s enter 2021 feeling confident that our best days are still in front of us.

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